Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Starslayer #33 and 34

Starslayer #33 (October 1985) features a cover by Jon Eddings, who also penciled the interior art. "And Now...Sargon!" was written by John Ostrander. Sargon the Sorceress is the sword-bearing babe on the cover but she is not the only one in the story.
cover of Starslayer #33 from First Comics
The Black Flame back up story in this issue is titled "New Dreams This Morning!"

The last issue of the series is Starslayer #34 (November 1985). The cover features the death goddess, Morrigan, fighting Torin in his avatar form. "Redemption" seems to be a fitting end to the title.
cover of Starslayer #34 from First Comics

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