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Monday, November 30, 2015

More Supergirl Episodes Ordered From CBS

Great news for fans of the Maid of Steel according to CBS Orders More SUPERGIRL Episodes. Seven more episodes have been ordered for the first season.
A New Hero Will Rise Supergirl New Mondays on CBS ad

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sexy Sunday: DC Comics Bombshells #19

The cover of DC Comics Bombshells #19 shows Kathy, Harper and Nell as the Batgirls:
Cover of DC Comics Bombshells #19 featuring the Batgirls
The first page features Batwoman even though Kate Kane appears briefly out of costume. This issue is the first chapter of "Allies".
Page 1 of DC Comics Bombshells #19 featuring Batwoman
The issue deals mostly with Harper and Kathy in Gotham City, 1940. Nell is driving a cool version of the batmobile:
Page 5 of DC Comics Bombshells #19 featuring the Batgirls with the batmobile
Harper has a flashback after Kathy saves her from a police officer on horseback. Seems that she and her younger brother have a history with Officer Daniels. Kathy introduces Harper and Nell to Alysia Yeoh while in their civilian identities. Alysia says that she will help break Harper's younger brother out of the Pinkney Orphanage only if she can become a Batgirl. Of course, they accept her and Nell makes her a costume.
Alysia Yeoh becomes a member of the Batgirls in DC Comics Bombshells #19

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Women Wednesday: Wonder Woman from Dark Knight III: The Master Race Book One

Yeah, Wonder Woman is in Dark Knight III: The Master Race Book One and that is Jonathan on her back:
Page 11 from Dark Knight III: The Master Race Book One featuring Wonder Woman

First Official Trailer For Captain America: Civil War

Here's the first official trailer for Captain America: Civil War that appeared last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sexy Sunday: DC Comics Bombshells #18

The cover of DC Comics Bombshells #18 is the same cover as #16 featuring Batwoman and Catwoman while page one features Stargirl riding a bomb with the credits. This issue is part 9 of 9 so that means it's the last issue. Bare with me because there is a lot to follow in this one issue.

DC Comics Bombshells #18 starts with Mera talking with Stargirl and Supergirl on a battleship while Commander Waller arrives along with Big Barda and Dr. Hoshi aka Dr. Light. Hoshi gives the Soviet superheroines new uniforms that they object to because they do not want to be poster girls. Stargirl uses her cosmic staff to change their uniforms from red to blue. The sisters fly off probably to save their father.
Page 8 from DC Comics Bombshells featuring Stargirl and Supergirl
Next, we catch up with Kate Kane aka the Batwoman riding in a white car with Catwoman and Lex Luthor in Berlin when they are hit by a black vehicle. Brother Night steps out demanding that they hand over Kate. She grabs her baseball bat and is ready for action.
Page 10 of DC Comics Bombshells #18 featuring Batwoman
The issue then switches to a prison camp in Greece where Wonder Woman is being held captive. Steve Trevor is trying to talk her into apologizing to General Lane. She refuses and breaks the bars intent on getting them both out of there.
Page 12 from DC Comics Bombshells #18 featuring Wonder Woman
In France, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are killing Nazi zombies while riding in a truck. Harley is singing about their exploits in a bizarre Christmas song.
Page 14 from DC Comics Bombshells #18 featuring Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy
The final section features Zatanna in Berlin reminiscing with Constantine, who is still a rabbit. He changes the subject to how she is on the wrong side. Zatanna explains how the Joker's Daughter saved her during the first purge since she had a Jewish father and a Romani mother. Constantine tells her that she is more powerful than she realizes and that the Joker's Daughter is using her as a battery. He tells her that Amanda Waller sent him there to find something that may be hiding in the cabaret. She tells him how the rooms moves and she has the feeling that something is watching her. He promises her that he will get her out somehow and together they can change the tide.
Page 21 from DC Comics Bombshells #18 featuring Zatanna and Constantine
I won't give away the final page except to say that the Joker's Daughter makes a creepy appearance. This issue feels more like they are leading each into their own series, which I hope happens. I can't wait to read more adventures of these women.

Friday, November 20, 2015

75 Green Lantern In 75 Years Video

Here is a video featuring seventy-five Green Lanterns in the past seventy-five years (note: this does not include the entire Green Lantern Corps):

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Heroes Rising Kickstarter

Some of the original programmers are teaming up with fans of the gone but not forgotten online game, Superhero City, to create Heroes Rising. Check out their sample powers trading cards:
Sample powers trading cards from Heroes Rising Kickstarter