Sunday, March 30, 2008

Siegels Now Own Half Of Superman

The big news this weekend is the judge saying that the Siegels now own half of Superman. What I think is sad is that Joe Shuster had no heirs.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Oldest Comic Book: Adventure Comics #97

Adventure Comics #97 (April/May 1945) is the oldest comic book in my collection. The copy I have was bought about twenty years ago at a local thrift store for $5.00. The store owner wrote a note saying that it was a 1944 issue. This DC Comic from the Golden Age features the Sandman in "No Curtains For Cupid!", the Shining Knight in "Barbs of Chivalry!", Genius Jones in "The Club That Wasn't There!", Starman in "Stolen Glory!", a half page comic strip titled "Gags Giggles 'N Groans" and Mike Gibbs Guerrilla in "The Life of Riley!".

Ads include Private Jones on the back of a captured Japanese soldier promoting Eveready Batteries, Adventures of "R.C." and Quickie in "Circus Terror!" to promote Royal Crown Cola (there is a drawing of Duncan Renaldo at the end of the ad from the movie, The Cisco Kid Returns), a Wheaties New Library of Sports centerfold ad, a half ad for a real U.S. Army plastic helmet and Volto From Mars promoting GrapeNuts Flakes (the bottom has "Tune in Hop Harrigan Blue Network Mon. thru Fri.").

A text story titled "Mad Money" by Eddie Bell can be found after the Starman feature and is continued on the back cover, which I don't have.

Here is the cover of Adventure Comics #97:
Cover of Adventure Comics #97 dated April/May 1945

Here is my coverless copy of Adventure Comics #97 (there is a tear at the top):
My coverless copy of Adventure Comics #97

Friday, March 28, 2008

Superman Mini Cups 1979

In 1979, several characters from DC Comics found themselves on mini cups that were only available in vending machines for a quarter each. I remember getting a few of them one time when I visited my grandmother in western Kansas. They were very fragile and broke easily. The stickers were three by one inch and was a pain to put on the mini cups just right. The mini cups were only one and half inches tall. I remember having Batman, Lex Luthor and two Superman mini cups. Others that I remember being in the set included Aquaman, The Riddler, The Joker and Wonder Woman. Of course, the only ones that have survived are the two Superman mini cups. Here are some pictures of what they look like:

Superman mini cups 1979 #1:
One view of Superman mini cups from vending machine 1979

Superman mini cups 1979 #2:
Another view of Superman mini cups from vending machine 1979

Every once in a while, you will find the mini cups on ebay. They are also called mini mugs but to me they look more like mini teacups. Here is a Penguin mini mug that is on ebay now:

Penguin mini cup #1:
One view of Penguin mini cup from vending machine 1979

Penguin mini cup #2:
Another view of Penguin mini cup from vending machine 1979

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Patrick Wilson As Nite Owl

Here is a picture of Patrick Wilson in costume as Nite Owl from the upcoming live action Watchmen series:

Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl
Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl

Other pictures of the Watchmen characters in costume can be found at Newsarama.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Happy 75th Birthday To Doc Savage

Doc Savage #1 was published March 1933 and featured the original Superman, Clark Savage Jr. National Post has a great article about the Man of Bronze.

Doc Savage #1 March 1933
Doc Savage #1
March 1933