Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Countdown 2009 Day 31: Elvira Treats

This post is full of various treats dealing with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. To get the ball rolling, here is a look at some postcards from her official fan club:
Elvira Official Fan Club postcards
close up of Elvira Official Fan Club postcard
back of Elvira Official Fan Club postcard
Here is the Fright Sound Tape that was released in 1987 (I actually have this):
Elvira Fright Sound Tape
While we are on the subject of cassettes, here the insert for Elvira Presents Haunted Hits tape:
Elvira Presents Haunted Hits cassette insert
These Elvira greeting toons are from Comment Cherry:
Elvira from Comment Cherry #1
Elvira from Comment Cherry #2
I always wanted to know exactly what the Evil by Elvira cologne smelled:
Evil by Elvira cologne
close up of Evil by Elvira cologne
This Italian charm watch may be for women but I would still like one:
Elvira women's Italian charm watch
This Coors Light Maliboo Beach table tent featuring Elvira is from 1993:
Coors Light Maliboo Beach table tent featuring Elvira
This is the official Elvira bracelet set still in the bag (the ones I bought came in a plastic shell on a card):
Elvira bracelet set
Finally, this is the official Elvira Black Widow earrings still in the bag (the ones I bought were in a plastic shell on a card):
Elvira Black Widow earrings
Hope everyone enjoyed the Halloween Countdown 2009 posts. Be safe while trick or treating this year.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Countdown 2009 Night 30: Elvira Behind The Scenes On Medium

Yes, Elvira made a cameo on tonight's episode of Medium. You can watch a behind the scenes video here (I had to take down the embedded video since it overlaps on to my sidebar on the right).

Halloween Countdown 2009 Day 30: Facebook Games and Gifts

Facebook has tons of online games that you can play and gifts that you can send your friends. Here is a look at what they have to offer for Halloween.

101 Halloween lets you go trick and treating at the doors of your friends:
101 Halloween online game at Facebook
Drinks On Me has special drinks that you can send friends:
Drinks On Me gifts at Facebook
more Drinks On Me gifts at Facebook
more Drinks On Me gifts at Facebook
You can rob a candy truck for a limited time in Mafia Wars plus a chance to gain Halloween themed loot:
Mafia Wars online game from Facebook
The Mobster online game logo gets a Halloween makeover:
Mobster online game from Facebook
So does Sorority Life, which is more fun than it sounds:
Sorority Life online game from Facebook
The Super Poke Pets logo also gets modified:
Super Poke Pets online game from Facebook
Vampire Wars has special items that players can find:
Vampire Wars online game from Facebook
Willy's Sweet Shop has limited time Halloween candy that you can give friends:
Willy's Sweet Shop online game from Facebook
You can send various gifts featuring Witches to your friends (yes, that is Scarlet Witch saying "I'm the HOT witch from the west", which is funny considering that she is European):
Witches gifts from Facebook
Witchy Blessings are gifts more suitable for Wiccans and Pagans:
Witchy Blessings are gifts from Facebook
Yoville gets the Halloween treatment at Facebook:
Yoville online game from Facebook
The newest Facebook game is Ghost Town, where you go from house to house collecting candy and destroy zombies:
Ghost Town Facebook game

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Countdown 2009 Day 29: My Jack O Lantern

I carved my Jack O Lantern last night and here are some pictures:
my Jack O Lantern
close up of my Jack O Lantern
close up of my Jack O Lantern in the dark
my Jack O Lantern in the dark
my Jack O Lantern in the dark with changing lights

To keep this post related to comics, here is a page from Super Friends #8 (November 1977) that introduced Jack O' Lantern (I actually have this issue):

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Countdown 2009 Day 28: The Witching #2, #3 and #4

The Witching was a Vertigo series about the Triple Goddess and witchcraft that lasted for ten issues with Tara McPherson doing all the covers. Jonathan Vankin wrote all the stories and Leigh Gallagher did the pencils. I only have #2 (September 2004) titled "Earth Oddity", #3 (October 2004) titled "Who Let the Cats Out?" and #4 (November 2004) titled "All These Friends and Lovers". The Witching #2 did contain a collectible Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" poster (#3 of 6).
cover for The Witching #2
cover for The Witching #3
cover for The Witching #4

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Countdown 2009 Day 27: Weird Mystery Tales #23

The only issue that I have of Weird Mystery Tales is #23 (October 1975) and is a very worn copy (in fact, there is a loose page and a missing page). The series lasted from July/August 1972 to November 1975 with #24 being the last issue. Ernie Chua did the cover and the weird tales include "The Quiz Show" written by Michale Fleisher with art by Fred Carrillo and "Fair Exchange" written b Steve Skeates based on a plot by Sergio Aragones with art by Wallace Wood. The letters page is titled "Witch's Tales". Interesting ads include Sales Leadership Club (sell fifty-eight boxes for a 10 speed racing bike or twenty-five boxes for a portable 8-track tape player), Slim Jim, Hostess Twinkies presents Shazam (yes, they used Captain Marvel's magic word instead of the superhero's actual name) in "Minerva Menace", DC Family giant titles (Super-Team Family, Tarzan Family, Superman Family and Batman Family), Gold Crown/Tank Trap games from Helen of Toy ($2.49 for both), Olympic Sales Club (sell ten boxes for a weather forcasting outfit or six boxes for a Monster Plaster casting kit) and car-in-a-bottle model from Monogram.
cover from Weird Mystery Tales #23

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Countdown 2009 Day 26: Weird War Tales #99, #100 and #121

Dave Cockrum and Dick Giordano did the cover for Weird War Tales (May 1981) for DC Comics. The chilling war tales include "A Gauntlet of Giants" (a War That Time Forgot tale) created and written by Robert Kanigher with art by Dave Cockrum and Jerry Ordway, "A Match Made in Hell" written by Robert Kanigher with art by Ric Estrada, "Man's Best Enemy" written by George Kashdan with art by Steve Ditko and "Divine Wind" written by Mike W. Barr with art by Mar Amongo. The letters page called "A.P.O. Weird War Tales" is shared with the statement of ownership. Interesting ads includes Johnson Smith Company novelties, Bubble Yum, Sea-Monkeys, Hostess Cup Cakes presents Batman in "Hearts of Darkness" and Batman visiting Carol Fein on subscriptions.
cover for Weird War Tales #99
Joe Kurbert did the cover of Weird War Tales #100 (June 1981) for DC Comics. The first tale features a crossover between the Creature Commandos and the War That Time Forgot in "Dinosaur Convoy" written Mike W. Barr with art by Bob Hall and Jerry Ordway. Other stories include a one pager entitled "Stop the War, I Want To Get Out!" written by Robin Snyder and daren by Trevor Von Eeden and Brett Breeding followed by "The Scavengers" written by John Warner and art by Vicatan. The letters page features part one of a special index of stories that appeared in Weird War Tales #1 to #50. Interesting ads include Fun Factory novelties, Bubble Yum, Suprman Club ($3.00 for membership that includes poster, newsletter, membership card, certificate, book cover and gold decal), Hostess Twinkies Cakes presents Superman in "Gold Mine Rescue", Life Savers Sweepstakes and Johnson Smith Company novelties.
cover for Weird War Tales #100
The Creatures Commandos grace the cover of Weird War Tales #121 (March 1983) and is featured in the first story titled "Death Smiles Twice" written by Robert Kanigher with art by Fred Carrillo. The second story is titled "Gremlins in the Works!" This issue does feature "Meanwhile..." news about DC Comics. The letters page is almost two pages followed by a short DC Coming Comics piece. Interesting ads include Spider-Man video game for Atari, Bubble Yum, short list of comic book conventions, Dungeons & Dragons from TSR, Life Savers find 13 hidden flavors word puzzle and Sg. Rock action figure from Remco featuring art by Joe Kurbert.
cover for Weird War Tales #121

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Countdown 2009 Day 25: The Spectre Comics

DC Comics gave the Spectre his own regular series in 1967 that lasted for ten issues. I have no copies from that first sries. However, the Ghost of Vengeance was back in his own title twenty years later. José Luis García-López did the cover of The Spectre #5 (August 1987). Doug Moench wrote "The Mystery of My Murder" while Gene Colan and Steve Mitchell did the art. The inside front cover has a tribute to E. Nelson Bridwell (1931-1987). "Speculations" was the title of the letters page that was two pages in this issue. Interesting ads include MPC Ertl model cars, Tang and Dungeons & Dragons basic set.
The Spectre #5 from second series
Tom Mandrake did the cover to The Spectre #0 (October 1994) for DC Comics. He also penciled, inked and colored the featured story titled "The Temptation of the Spectre" that was written by John Ostrander. This is part of the third series featuring the Ghost of Vengeance. The issue does feature a letters page, Daily Planet ("Zero Hour For Earth" being the main headline) and "DC Universe" dedicated to Neal Pozner (1955-1994). Interesting ads include Fate, Star Trek annual #5, Metropolis S.C.U., Starman, R.E.B.E.L.S., Flash and Star Trek Master Series from SkyBox.
The Spectre #0
The second series lasted for thirty-one issues and folded in 1989 but he did not give up the ghost for he was back in 1992 with a third series.

Dave Johnson did the cover of The Spectre #34 (October 1995) for DC Comics. John Ostrander wrote "Blood Suckers" while John Ridgeway provided the artwork. Interesting ads include Underworld Unleashed, Clive Barker's Lord of Illusions movie poster, The Prophecy movie poster, Vampire the Eternal Struggle trading card game from Deckmaster, Batman: Knight Gallery (this is one my to want list due to the different costumes), Sovereign Seven, Shadow Dragon annual #1 (the "Legends" event which provided Year One stories in all the annuals), Batman: Brotherhood of the Bat (Elseworlds one-shot), Batman Man-Bat (three issue Elseworlds mini series) and Mega City's Most Wanted action figures from Judge Dredd.
The Spectre #34 from third series
The third series lasted until #62 (February 1998). The Ghost of Vengeance returned in a fourth series that lasted from 2001 to 2003. Unfortunately, I have none of those issues.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Countdown 2009 Day 24: Adventure Comics #431 and #436

The cover of Adventure Comics (February 1974) was done by Jim Aparo, who also penciled the featured story titled "The Wrath of...the Spectre". The back up story is "Is a Snerl Human?" with art by Alex Toth. Interesting ads include Daisy B-B Gun with kid reading comic book in classroom, Charles Atlas, Monster Size Monsters, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer giant size comic, Pop-O-Matic Games (Headache, Trouble, Pop-Cheks, Bingo and Pop-Dog), Super-Hero Stick-Ons (fourteen for two dollars), Super Spectacular issues of Batman #254 and Witching Hour #38, See-Action Football Game and Another Adventure with the Ready Rangers (promoting the new Ready Ranger Mobile Field Pack). This issue does feature a half page subscription ad along with "Behind the Scenes at the DC Comic World" talking about the comicmobile. The letters page, called "Dateline: Adventure", is included in the back.
cover from Adventured Comics #431 by Jim Aparo
The Wrath of the Spectre from Adventure Comics #431
Super Spectacular ad from Adventure Comics #431
Is a Snerl Human from Adventure Comics #431
Jim Aparo was also the cover artist on Adventure Comics #436 (December 1974). He also did the artwork for "The Gasmen and the Spectre" story. Mike Grell did the artwork for the Aquaman story titled "The King is Dead; Long Live the King". Interesting ads include DC Comics titles for twenty cents, authentic Superman costume for only $6.98, Saturday morning on CBS two page spread (Shazam, Partridge Family 2200 AD, Valley of the Dinosaurs, Harlem Globetrotters Popcorn Machine, Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Comedy Show and U.S. of Archie), DC Comics titles with 100 pages for sixty cents, giant editions of Ghosts and Batman, Monster Size Monsters (featuring Frankenstein and Bones the skelton) and Monogram's Big Wheels/Big Deal contest. A letters page is included in the back of this issue.
cover from Adventure Comics #436
The Gasmen and the Spectre from Adventure Comics #436
DC Comics titles for twenty cents from Adventure Comics #436
Superman costume ad from Adventure Comics #436
Aquaman in The King is Dead; Long Live the King from Adventure Comics #436
100 page DC Comics ad from Adventure Comics #436
Monster Size Monsters ad from Adventure Comics #436