Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jon Sable Freelance #22 and 24

Jon Sable Freelance #22 (March 1985) and 24 has part one of "The Contract" written by Mike Grell, who also did the covers and illustrated the interior. Widowmaker, the horse from last issue, is now a carriage horse at the start of the first book. Sable takes Mike Blackmoon for a ride to celebrate her birthday. The pair have been growing closer and she is the tall artist for his line of children books that he writes as B. B. Flemm. His publisher, Eden Kendall, also appears in very sexy white lingerie. Anyway, Sable is approached by a federal agent to terminate Sparrow. He thinks the offer over before accepting. Jon Sable Freelance #22 also has "Safari Sketchbook" that features text, sketches and photographs that Mike Grell did while on safari in Africa.
cover of Jon Sable Freelance #22 from First Comics
Jon Sable Freelance #24 (May 1985) has the conclusion of "The Contract" (I actually picked up two copies of this by mistake). He finds himself in Isreal making out with Rachel in the desert outside of Jerusalem. Sable sets up a deal with an arms dealer before getting attacked after leaving his establishment. The pair attack a warehouse that has Sparrow's second in command and lover only to find out that it was a set-up. Rachel not only betrayed Sable but was also sent to kill Sparrow. The ending is pretty cool with the last two pages having no words. Another installment of "Safari Sketchbook" is in the back of this issue.
cover of Jon Sable Freelance #24 from First Comics

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