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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Marvel Tales #208

Red Sonja travels through time to help Spider-Man in Marvel Tales #208 (February 1988). Terry Austin and John Byrne did the cover. "Sword of the She-Devil" was written by Byrne, who also shared the penciling with Chris Claremont. The issue was inked by Austin, colored by Andy Yanchus and lettered by Tom Orzechowski. Roy Thomas was consulting editor and Jim Shooter was editor in chief. Basically, Mary Jane works her way into a museum while Spidey battles demons summoned by Kulan Gath (a security guard changed into him). She is drawn to a sword and is transformed into Red Sonja. The sorcerer captures them and casts a spell so the hero can understand him. He manages to get free before releasing the fiery redheaded Amazon. They battle Kulan Gath in and out of the museum. The look on Red Sonja's face as she breathes in the foul air of New York City is priceless. The security guard returns to normal after being knocked out as Kulan Gath by Spider-Man. Red Sonja drops her sword and leaves the body of Mary Jane.
cover of Marvel Tales #208 from Marvel Comics
This issue also features a Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham backup story titled "Your Chitlin' Heart" or "Bacon Up is Hard To Do". Spider-Ham tries breaking up with Black Catfish. The story was written by Steve Mellor, penciled by Joe Albelo, inked by Pierre Fournier, lettered by Rick Parker and colored by Andy Yanchus.

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