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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Women Wednesday: DC Comics Bombshells #12

Once again, DC Comics Bombshells #12 has the same Harley Quinn riding a bomb cover as #10 and #11 even though the interior is all about Wonder Woman.
DC Comics Bombshells #12 page 4 featuring Wonder Woman
DC Comics Bombshells #12 page 5 featuring Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman finds Steve Trevor in Greece in 1940 and he is looking worse than before. She is wearing her new armor and he tells her how his fellow comrades in arms are calling him coward. Things take a turn for the worse when Nazi prisoners that have surrendered enter the camp. One soldier is about to shot one when Wonder Woman steps in and stops him. She talks about making the Nazi prisoners stand trial for their deeds. Of course, the commander doesn't like this and talks about executing her and Steve.

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