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Monday, November 02, 2015

DC Comics Bombshells #11

Time to get back to regular posts since I spent the entire month of October with the Countdown to Halloween 2015. DC Comics Bombshells #11 features the same cover as #10 does. The issue is all about Doctor Harleen Quinzel at the Arkham Ward in London, England in 1940. She speaks to one of her patients about her nightmares and her brother's trial. Shondra Kinsolving tells her about a man who laughs that has a message for her. "Come find me" is all that it takes to make Harleen snap and she chants that he's back. After a male patient escapes his cell and attacks her, she fights and defeats him.
DC Comics Bombshells #11 page 11 featuring Harley Quinn
She gives Shondra the key to her cell before leaving in a costume that makes her look like a sexy elf that you never see working for Santa. In full Harley Quinn mode, she heads straight to a Christmas party and causes mischief.
DC Comics Bombshells #11 page 15 featuring Harley Quinn
A pilot named Hal introduces himself and they leave the party. They go to Whitemore Airfield and Harley Quinn knocks him out before stealing a plane.

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