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Sunday, November 08, 2015

Sexy Sunday: DC Comics Bombshells #14

The cover of DC Comics Bombshells #14 has the same Wonder Woman cover as #13, which is odd since she doesn't appear at all in this issue. Luckily, the contents page features Harley Quinn, who does appear in this issue.
Page 1 from DC Comics Bombshells #13
The story actually picks up from #11 with Harley Quinn arriving at the English Channel, three miles from Calais, France in 1940. Tanks attack her stolen airplane and blows it up but she escapes by riding a bomb down.
Page 4 from DC Comics Bombshells #13
She crashes into a greenhouse and the bomb ends up being a dud. Harley Quinn turns around to find Poison Ivy pointing a double barrel shotgun at her.
Page 7 from DC Comics Bombshells #13
Poison Ivy takes her into her house and finds out that she is a smuggler. She confesses that she has at least three German soldiers buried under her greenhouse. The poisonous perfume that she made to kill them turned her skin green. A group of German soldiers arrive and Harley Quinn makes a giant homemade mallet. She greets one at the front door and hits him on the head with it. Unfortunately, there are more soldiers that chase her into the greenhouse. Of course, they fire their weapons at her and causes an explosion. Poison Ivy arrives in a truck and tells her to get in while the dead soldiers are walking about as zombies behind them.

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