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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sexy Sunday: DC Comics Bombshells #17

The cover of DC Comics Bombshells #17 is the same as #16 featuring Batwoman and Catwoman. Yeah, the former appear in this issue while the latter appears out of costume towards the end of the issue. The real star is Helena aka the Huntress, which is shown playing a guitar on page 1:
Page 1 of DC Comics Bombshells #17 featuring Helena aka the Huntress
Batwoman is out blowing up tanks in 1940 Berlin with her exploding baseballs. She comes across swing kids and falls instantly for Helena, who is playing an odd guitar in the band (notice how different it looks from the one on page 1):
Page 8 of DC Comics Bombshells #17 featuring Helena aka the Huntress
Helena pulls out a crossbow from her guitar when Nazi zombies attacks the swing kids.
Page 11 of DC Comics Bombshells #17 featuring the Huntress and Batwoman
Helena introduces herself to Batwoman while the pair fights the Nazi zombies. Not only does she play guitar but she also claims to be the leader of the German Youth Resistance. The pair leave the building and she spots Selina's coupe. She does a quick costume change, which basically consist of making her short skirt into a long dress. Helena hides as Selina pulls up with Lex Luthor. Kate distracts them while Helena gets into the trunk. As they drive away, Lex shows off his new discovery, which is a glowing green rock.

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