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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Sexy Saturday: DC Comics Bombshells #13

While I love Wonder Woman on the cover of DC Comics Bombshells #13, she does not appear in this issue.
Cover of DC Comics Bombshells #13 featuring Wonder Woman
Selina DiGatti aka Catwoman does appear in this issue.
Page 1 of DC Comics Bombshells #13 featuring Selina DiGatti aka Catwoman
This issue is mostly about Kate Kane aka Batwoman in 1940 Berlin.
Page 4 of DC Comics Bombshells #13 featuring Kate Kane aka Batwoman
She meets Alexander Luthor, who warns her about Selina before introducing them to each other at a party at her mansion. Catwoman gets Batwoman alone and warns her to watch herself before taking her to a group of upper crusts that is waiting for Edel Nacht aka Brother Night to begin a gruesome ceremony. He uncovers the body of a dead Nazi soldier moments before the Joker's Daughter arrives. She takes off a purple glove to show that most of her arm is black. Black energy radiates from her hand as she sings. The black energy goes into the dead soldier. He sits up before Brother Night commands him to recite the Reichswehreid. He does before the Joker's Daughter claims him to be the first of the Tenebrae and that the true war begins.

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