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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Countdown to Halloween 2015 Day 29: Elvira Candy Bars from Sweet! Hollywood

A Countdown to Halloween wouldn't be complete without some candy. Sweets! Hollywood has three Elvira candy bars this year. The first one is a dark chocolate bar:
Elvira Dark Chocolate Bar from Sweets! Hollywood
They also have a Elvira milk chocolate bar:
Elvira Milk Chocolate Bar from Sweets! Hollywood
And then there is a Elvira white chocolate bar:
Elvira White Chocolate Bar from Sweets! Hollywood
As a bonus, they also have a Elvira collectible sticky jar filled with handmade candy:
Elvira Collectible Sticky Jar from Sweets! Hollywood
Other Halloween-theme candy bars that they sell include Toxictoons, Skelanimals, Famous Monsters, Hellboy and Afterlife with Archie. Note that this is not a paid for post so be sure to check them out if you dare.

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