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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Women Wednesday: Power Girl vs Wonder Woman

The only reason to pick up Convergence: Action Comics #2 (July 2015) is for the pre-Crisis Earth 2 Power Girl vs Earth 30 Wonder Woman. The cover is great since it features both women duking it out:
The battle actually began when the Russian Amazon in a jet attacked the Kyptonian beauty. Of course, the latter ripped off one of the wings causing the former to bail out:
Kara takes Diana's boot to the face:
The Russian Amazon takes a right:
But she then uses her lasso for some serious swinging:
Leave it to Earth 2 pre-Crisis Superman to hit the Russian Wonder Woman:
Power Girl is ready for another round but her cousin puts an end to this super catfight:
The trio then heads off to stop Stalin and Lex Luthor from launching missiles in Moscow. They also dispatch some giant G.I. Robots.

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