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Monday, May 04, 2015

Convergence: Detective Comics #1

The pre-Crisis Earth 2 Huntress and Robin are on the cover of Convergence: Detective Comics #1 (June, 2015):
Cover of Convergence: Detective Comics #1 from DC Comics
The issue actually starts off with Earth 30 Superman doing a fly over a National Superman Day parade in Moscow when the dome comes down. Then it switches to Dick Grayson aka Robin and Helena Wayna aka the Huntress in the batmobile between Gotham City and Metropolis. They arrive just in time for the dome to come down and trapping them inside. The story goes back and forth between the two trapped cities while they deal with life within the domes.

Once the domes disappear, Robin and the Huntress are teleported to Moscow while in the batmobile. They meet the Russian Superman with different attitudes. Robin just wants to talk while the Huntress wants to attack. Superman wants to talk too but things takes a turn for the worse when she tries to flee in the batmobile.
Page 22 of Convergence: Detective Comics #1 from DC Comics
While I love seeing Robin's hybrid costume, the artwork is a bit muddled for me.

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