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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Convergence #8

The cover of Convergence #8 (July 2015) shows Hal Jordan as Parallax, Supergirl, Flash, Superman, Lois Lane and baby in a giant hand (yes, they are all the pre-Crisis versions):
Cover of Convergence #8 from DC Comics
The highlights of this issue for me are the double page spreads featuring the alternate Earths in the multiverse that has been restored by the undoing of Crisis on Infinite Earths:
Page 17 of Convergence #8 from DC Comics
Page 18 of Convergence #8 from DC Comics
Of course, the planet that Telos was tied to becomes the new Earth 2.

To me this issue seemed rushed and left me a little underwhelmed. It's great to see the multiverse back but how exactly they did it was not shown. I think this event warranted at least two more issues. I have to wonder how many of these alternate Earths we will really see in the future.

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