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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Convergence #5

The cover of Convergence #5 (July 2015) features Travis Morgan aka the Warlord battling Deimos:
Cover of Convergence #5 from DC Comics
The story picks up from last issue in the dungeon of Castle Deimos in Skartaris. Deimos tells Telos that he is nothing but a man that Brainiac forced into eternal servitude to save his family and people. Dick Grayson of Earth 2 is the only one who can see that the alien can help them.

On the way to the castle, the Warlord and his wife, Tara, battle lizard men. One impales the Queen of Shamballah with his sword:
Page 8 of Convergence #5 from DC Comics
Unfortunately, Tara's death is just one of three in this issue. Deimos rips Machiste's heart out a few pages later.
Page 10 of Convergence #5 from DC Comics
The Superman of Earth 2 grapples with Deimos while the others try to talk Telos into helping them.

The Warlord kills the attacking lizard men and kisses the dying Tara. He tells her that he will return with help or join her soon.

Deimos has the defeated Superman of Earth 2 in his hand while the other superheroes stand around not sure of what to do. He banishes Brainiac moments before the Warlord breaks through the wall riding a triceratops. Unfortunately, Deimos is so full of power that he easily defeats him and turns him to dust.
Page 21 of Convergence #5 from DC Comics
The castle starts collapsing and all the superheroes except Yolanda make it out. Deimos offers her his hand and a chance to save herself. She accepts and the pair disappear together.

Dick Grayson of Earth 2 finds a batarang in the rubble and then makes the symbol of the bat on his chest. This moment was coming for some time but it was still great to see it.

Deimos and Yolanda appear in Brainiac's former occupation chamber. He tells her that she will be handy to him since she was there during the first Crisis when she was the Earth 2 Wildcat. He tells the trapped cities on the planet that he banished the being that brought them there and he will protect them for a price.

I love and hate this issue for several reasons. I love the cover and interior artwork. I hate the deaths of Tara and Travis Morgan (I can excuse the death of Machiste to some extent). I love the fact that Dick Grayson of Earth 2 is taking up the mantle of the bat. I hate that most the superheroes just stood around while Deimos did his thing.

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