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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Women Wednesday: Convergence: Wonder Woman #1

The cover of Convergence: Wonder Woman #1 (June 2015) is downright spooky:
Cover of Convergence: Wonder Woman #1 from DC Comics
The issue starts with Diana waking up while Steve Trevor looks out the window at the pre-Crisis Gotham City. They talk about her doing outreach in the slums and Etta Candy joining a cult while being stuck under the dome for the past year.
Page 1 of Convergence: Wonder Woman #1 from DC Comics
Diana puts on her all white outfit and parts with Steve outside their apartment building. She goes to the slums to find Etta already helping an elderly woman, who want to attend the cult's church. Unfortunately, the old gal drops dead at the feet of the High Priestess. Diana starts to give a lecture about religious tolerance and she gets knocked out just when Telos starts his speech before he lifts the dome. She is taken to the church's dungeon and tied upside down.

Etta Candy goes for help and finds Steve Trevor. Diana regains her super strength when the dome disappears while three mysterious figures show up at the church. The sisters think they are the angels sent to save them. Candy and Steve find them with their necks ripped out. They then confront the mysterious figures that turn out to be the vampire versions of the Joker, Poison Ivy and Catwoman from the Red Rain universe.
Page 21 of Convergence: Wonder Woman #1 from DC Comics
The vampire Joker takes Etta away while leaving Steve to face the vampire women. Wonder Woman shoes up to help but he tells her to go save Etta, who has already been bitten. As soon as she leaves, the cult sisters attack him because they have risen as vampires.

I have to put Convergence: Wonder Woman #1 on my favorite list for this even since I love seeing superheroines in horror settings. The grayish tone of the artwork actually works here. I also noticed that Wonder Woman's lasso seemed to pop out on the page. I can't wait until next issue when Wonder Woman battles the vampire Joker.

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