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Monday, April 20, 2015

Convergence: Green Arrow #1

Convergence: Green Arrow #1 (June 2015) is titled "Father and Son" and I find it interesting because Convergence #2 also dealt with relationships between fathers and sons (Dick and Tommy Grayson; Thomas and Bruce Wayne).
Cover of Convergence: Green Arrow #1 from DC Comics
Oliver has been patrolling pre-zero hour Metropolis on his motorcycle.
Page 1 of Convergence: Green Arrow #1 from DC Comics
Connor Hawke has been running a sanctuary for those needing help since the dome went down. He finds a trick green arrow, which means that Oliver is in the city. Connor shoots flare arrows to get Green Arrow's attention when he needs help to fight a hate gang ready to kill those at the sanctuary.
Page 10 of Convergence: Green Arrow #1 from DC Comics
Green Arrow is shocked to find out that Connor Hawke is his son by Sandra Hawke aka Moonday. The two are teleported and find themselves facing the Kingdom Come versions of Dinah Lance Queen and her daughter, Olivia Queen aka Black Canary III.

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