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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Convergence: Aquaman #1

At first, I thought the art on Convergence: Aquaman #1 (June 2015) was sick looking and not in a good way. Then I read that Arthur had been away from ocean water for a year when the dome came down in Metropolis and the tap water was just not the same. He had destroyed Chemo but he polluted the harbor by doing so. Kind of ironic that Aquaman would destroy his natural habitat like that.
Cover of Convergence: Aquaman #1 from DC Comics
This is the pre-zero hour hook version of Arthur:
Page 5 of Convergence: Aquaman #1 from DC Comics
Yeah, Deathblow from the Wildstorm universe shows up when the dome comes down and starts shooting agents:
Deathblow shows up in Convergence: Aquaman #1 from DC Comics
So the next issue will be a showdown between Aquaman and Deathblow.

1 comment:

Bob Johns said...

Ugh not sure I like the new look for Aquaman