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Friday, April 24, 2015

Convergence #3

There is a lot going on in Convergence #3 (June 2015). The cover features Earth 2's Thomas Wayne aka Batman being fighting the villains from Grant Morrison's Batman & Robin series. The only one I recognize is the Riddler.
Cover of Convergence #3 from DC Comics
The issue starts with the surviving superheroes of Earth 2 (Flash, Superman, Green Lantern and Red Avatar) helping Deimos.
Page 1 of Convergence #3 from DC Comics
Deimos eventually takes them to the inner world of Skartaris
Page 17 of Convergence #3 from DC Comics
Other events include Telos going to Kandor, where the Kyptonians are protesting. Nightwing and Flamebird arrive only to have the former destroyed. Shakira throws Monarch and Degaton into a statis bubble with other masters of time. From what little she says, it seems that Deimos wants them for himself and she is putting them away so he can't find them. I'm waiting for Travis Morgan aka the Warlord to show up soon.

Thomas Wayne and Dick Grayson fight the mob of villains that ends with the former setting off an explosion which kills him. I kind of had the feeling that he was going to die after reading the last issue. The Joker shows up and shoots Dick Grayson but then Telos snaps the clown's neck. The alien asks Grayson where his friends are. You think the all powerful super being would be able to tell that they are inside the planet since he is supposed to be the planet.

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