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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Convergence: The Titans #1

Convergence: The Titans #1 (June 15) should really have been titled Convergence: Arsenal #1 because the issue is mostly about the pre-Flashpoint Roy Harper aka Speedy aka Arsenal. Sure, Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl aka Darkstar (I think she had more identities than Roy) and Starfire also appear but they take a back seat to Roy's whining about having one arm. His daughter, Lian, is still dead. The issue never explains what they were doing in Gotham City when the dome came down in the first place. Roy built a secret weapons arsenal and tapped into the communication lines.
Cover of Convergence: The Titans #1 from DC Comics
Donna Troy and Starfire fly together again straight towards the supervillain group known as the Extremists that consists of Gorgon, Lord Havok, Dreamslayer, Tracer and Diehard:
Donna Troy and Starfire flies towards the Extremists
The end of the issue leaves on a rather unsettling cliffhanger that I won't spoil here.

Even the Who's Who two pager is all about Arsenal:
Who's Who from Convergence: The Titans #1 is all about Arsenal
I was never fond of how Roy was treated towards the end of the pre-Flashpoint era of DC Comics. I think he deserved better then and now. Maybe he will in the next issue but I rather see more of Donna Troy and Starfire.

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