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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Seven Soldiers of Victory Returns in Convergence

The Seven Soldiers of Victory aka the Law's Legionnaires returns to DC Comics in Convergence: World's Finest according to Levitz Bids Farewell to Seven Soldiers and Scribbly Jibbet in Convergene: World's Finest. Paul Levitz wrote the issue while Joe Rubenstein and Shannon Wheeler provided the artwork. The group will consist of Vigilante, Crimson Avenger, Star-Spangled Kid, Stripsey, Shining Knight, Green Arrow and Speedy (Wing appears to be missing from this version).
Cover of Convergence: World's Finest from DC Comics
I find it odd that they would be appearing in the World's Finest issue instead of Leading Comics, which was the golden age comic where the various superheroes first debuted as the Seven Soldiers of Victory.

Yes, Scribbly Jibbet, who first appeared in All-American Comics #1 (1939), also returns again in the issue.

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