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Friday, March 27, 2015

Moongem Comics 450,00th Milestone

Moongem Comics hit the 450,000th visitors sometime yesterday morning. Thanks to every one that has stopped by and even bigger thanks to those that have stuck around.

Here are the top keywords used to search for this blog:

dress up yoville people
back card birthday
vampire spiderman
The Black Scorpion Michelle Lintel Naked
red hood and the outlaws]jason todd as a kid
poison ivy shirt mp3dj (do I even want to know what this is?)
mummy commando cosplay (that would be an odd one to see)
monster cereals hot wheels list
marvel comics notebook journal
Leonard Nimoy Star Trek Spock Collectible Million Dollar Bill in Currency Holder
Lauren Graham Catwoman
latex bbw porn gifs (I don't remember posting any of that here)
convergence #0 catwoman variant
catwoman big ass (yes, she does depending on who's drawing her)
catbrid dc
Candy Samples (yes, she was spotted with Elvira, who I'm surprised is no longer on this list)
busty boom girl (lol)

Only about 50,000 more until we hit the big 500,000.

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