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Saturday, March 14, 2015

New Costumes For Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Green Lantern

According to Newsarama's EVERY June 2015 New DCU Solicitation - Including WE ARE ROBIN, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Green Lantern are getting new costumes.

Superman is also getting short hair while wearing jeans and a t-shirt with the S-shield (this is actually a throwback from a few years ago):
Cover of Action #41 from DC Comics
Wonder Woman is getting more armor plus leggings and bracelet blades (I like the longer boots):
Cover of Wonder Woman #41 from DC Comics
Batman will be sporting full bunny armor (yeah, I don't get it either):
Cover of Batman #41 from DC Comics
Green Lantern will be a renegade with a hoodie (this look reminds me a little bit of the Spectre):
Cover of Green Lantern #41 from DC Comics
I noticed that all the changes happen in June 2015 with #41 of their titles.

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