Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Thrift Store Find: Mysterious Mini Blue Robot

Yep, I have another unknown action figure that I need help to identify. This mysterious mini blue robot is only 3" tall. It was found in the third thrift store bag that I picked up. The head tilts pretty far back, the arms only move at the shoulders, the upper torso moves right below the red blotch, and the legs move where they are connected to the lower torso. While the mysterious mini blue robot is molded blue, the eyes are red and there are some areas that appear to be dark gray (mouthpiece, chest knob, lower torso spring and hands).
Front of mysterious mini blue robot
The hole on the back is six sided and appears that something could be attached to it.
Back of mysterious mini blue robot
If you know what this robot is, then please leave a comment.

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