Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mysterious Thrift Store Finds: Cavalry And Beast Figures

I actually found two mysterious figures together in a bag at a local thrift store a few weeks ago. They came with a Captain America Happy Meal figure minus his shield, a Chuck from Planet 51 (I think that was the astronaut's name), and a Hunchback figure in the king jester outfit. The bag of figures was picked up for a quarter. They are not truly action figures since they do not have any moving parts so they are more like mini figurines.

First up is the mysterious cavalry figure. He looks like General Custer but with brown hair, mustache and goatee instead of blond. There are no markings on him and stands at two inches. He is decked out in a blue hat, gloves and uniform with yellow trim. His sword is yellow too. The mysterious cavalry figure could be a Grand Marshall of a parade for all I know.
Front of mysterious cavalry figure
Back of mysterious cavalry figure
Next up is a mysterious beast figure that stands about one inch and three fourths high. He is brown with a gray helmet and shoulder/breast harness. "2010 Mattel Inc" is written on the back of his left arm in very tiny print and "B2" is written on the bottom of his left foot. The bottom of his feet also has different size holes, which makes me wonder if he was made to fit on something. The back of his head and back has holes. I have a feeling that I have seen the mysterious beast figure somewhere before but I just can't place where. He does have a long tail, which makes me think that he is a lion man in space fantasy armor.
Front of mysterious beast figure
Back of mysterious beast figure
If anyone reading this post has any clue about these mysterious figures, then please feel free to make a comment.

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