Saturday, February 29, 2020

Stickers For Leap Day

I've been saving my quarters since Christmas for the local vending machines with stickers and temporary tattoos. Since today is leap day, I decided to try my luck at the only store in town that has them. Unfortunately, the machines with the Pocket Patches and the temporary tattoos were both jammed. Luckily, the Mystery Machine was still working and it was only a quarter while the others were fifty cents. I ended up with 13 stickers including four Marvel Avengers (#1 is Captain America, #6 is Avengers Assemble, #7 is Loki and #11 is Ant-Man that are my first ones of this set), the first Need4Speed sticker (I have others in the series), two Pocket Patches fabric tattoos (#3 and 6), Pet Shop Sticker #9 (Mousestache), Trolls #5 and the first four UglyDolls stickers.

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