Friday, February 14, 2020

Countdown to Valentine's Day 2020 Day 14: Star Trek Year Five Valentine's Day Special

Happy Valentine's Day! IDW Publishing released Star Trek: Year Five: Valentine's Day Special on February 12, 2020.

"James T. Kirk has had many loves during his mission among the stars, but this time he may have met his match in fellow Starfleet Captain Laura Rhone. This special story by award-winning writer of prose, comics, and television Paul Cornell (Doctor Who) takes Captain Kirk to where he has never gone before!"

The alternate cover features Mr. Spock playing his lute:

This issue also includes a special pin-up of the cover featuring Captain James T. Kirk and Cpatain Laura Rhone:

As an added bonus, there is even a Valentine card featuring Mr. Spock playing his lute as seen on the alternate cover:

This wraps up this year's Countdown to Valentine's Day at Moongem Comics I hope you enjoyed the posts as much as I did.

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