Monday, February 03, 2020

Countdown to Valentine's Day 2020 Day 3: Justice League 32 Valentines

This box of Justice League 32 Valentines was picked up last week at the local Dollar General store for a dollar. The contents include four strips of eight cards and a sheet of red heart-shaped stickers. The front of the box features Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman.

The back of the box displays the eight different cards plus the back of the extra wide card:

The first four Justice League Valentines include Aquaman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Cyborg and Flash (Barry Allen):

The backs of the Justice League Valentines are pretty simple:

The last four Justice League Valentines features Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman with Superman. Batman goes solo on the extra wide card (a group shot would have made more sense):

Aquaman and Cyborg make a guest appearance on the back of the extra wide card:

The artwork for the Justice League 32 Valentines is not bad but not great either. However, I noticed that Wonder Woman is wearing a cape on the front of the box but not on her individual Valentine card. Also, Batman and Superman are not wearing their briefs so this makes the Justice League shown here the New 52 version.

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