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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Thing Vehicle 1996

From 1996, this Thing vehicle was #6 of McDonald's Marvel Super Heroes series that came with their Happy Meals. You push down on the exhaust pipes in the back and he swivels around to pop the top. The 2 1/4" x 4" vehicle does not roll well and I always thought it was an odd little toy.
Thing vehicle 1996 closed
Thing vehicle 1996 open


Iok said...

Ha! That's a cool little toy!

I take it they didn't do a FF run where they all combined into the Fantasticar or anything? That would have been very cool.

Jamdin said...

No Fantasticar but that would have been cool.

Iok said...

I've just gotten into the GI Joe line, having collected Marvel Universe figures for a lot of years and it's reminded me of how cool toy vehicles can be. I wish they'd do a Fantasticar to go with the upcoming MU Fantastic Four set or even a bike for Ghost Rider!