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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Captain America And Human Torch Figures

Yes, I know that I have not been posting much here lately. I really have not gotten anything new to post about since I have not hit any of the local thrift stores. I raided a box full of toys that I packed away for today's post and to try out my Cobra DVC910 digital camera since my Olympus FE-170 digital camera stopped working a week ago.

Up first is the Captain America action figure that ToyBiz put out in 1990. I picked him up a local thrift store so he was missing his shield. The A on his mask is a little faded and marked up but at least he is in his classic costume.
Captain America 1990 action figure from ToyBiz
Next up is the Human Torch action figure that came with McDonald's Happy Meals circa 1996. He is a bit hard to stand up on his own at times. His arms and waist are the only movable parts but he looks really cool if you hold him up to the light.
Human Torch 1996 action figure from McDonald's


Iok said...

That's a really cool Human Torch.

What scale is the Captain America? Could you use one of the MU 3 3/4'' Captain America shields?

Jamdin said...

Capt is 5" tall.

Iok said...

Ah, probably a little small then... :(