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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Obi-Wan Meets His Spirit

The Obi-Wan Powers of the Force action figure from 1995 features a removable cloak and robe. I believe that I found him at a local thrift store for a buck. Ben Kanobi is hard to stand since his leg is bent out of shape. I do have his light saber but he is not shown with it.
Obi-Wan 1995 Powers of the Force action figure with cloak and robe
Obi-Wan 1995 Powers of the Force action figure without cloak and robe
The Spirit of Obi-Wan is from 1997 and was a mail-in figurine from Frito Lays that I actually sent off for. His right arm does move up and down a little. He is holding the light saber belonging to Obi-Wan from 1995 since he looks cooler with it. Holding the Spirit of Obi-Wan to the light is even cooler since he is made from semi-transparent green plastic.
Spirit of Obi-Wan from 1997 mail-in figurine
Here is Obi-Wan meeting is spirit:
Obi-Wan meets his spirit

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