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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Invisible Woman 1996 Figurine

This Invisible Woman was #5 from the Marvel Super Heroes series that McDonald's put in their Happy Meals in 1996 . She stands four inches tall and actually has a blue tint but she's green in the pictures due to my lighting. I really cannot put her in the action figure category since nothing moves on her so she is more of a figurine. I really like the face for there is a slight pink tint for her lips and there is her "4" symbol on her chest.
Front of Invisible Woman 1996 from McDonald's
Back of Invisible Woman 1996 from McDonald's


Jamdin said...

Oops, sorry about accidentally deleting your following comment, Iok:

"She kind of reminds me of the Adventure People X-Ray Woman."

But you are right, she does remind me of that.

Iok said...

No worries. :)