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Thursday, January 13, 2011

TFAW Grab Bag #38: Rapture #3

Mike Allred did the variant cover to Dark Horse's Rapture #3 (July 2009). From what I gather from this issue, there are Champions with broken spears. One is young woman that talks to a cloaked figure and wants to do nothing else but find her boyfriend. Meanwhile, New York City is in ruins and there is a masked preteen boy with a broken spear. He is pretty creepy for he carries his mom's head, drinks booze and makes others worship him. There are also cannibals running around. Pretty weird comic book so I like it. What I dislike is that I have three copies of the same issue.
Cover of Rapture #3 from Dark Horse
The six issue mini-series was collected in the following trade paperback:


Erick said...

I have given your blog a "You make me SCREAM!!" blog award --

Jamdin said...

Thanks for the award, Erick :)