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Friday, May 21, 2010

Thrift Store Find: Bag of Figures

I found a plastic bag full of figures at a local thrift store for seventy-five cents earlier this afternoon. That evens out to twelve.five cents per figure. However, the price is not what caught my eye. What cinched the deal for me was the McDonald's Lego Robin and Joker from 2008. Sure they are missing their accessories but they are stool cool.
McDonald's Lego Robin and Joker from 2008
Also in the bag was the Dracula figure that Burger King put out in 1997. I never thought that I would actually find one but there he is. Yes, he is missing his coffin and he is a bit worn but I don't care for he's mine now.
Burger King's Dracula from 1997
Next up is Chuck from the Planet 51 movie toys that Burger King put out. You pull his helmet down and his face changes with four different expressions
Burger King's Planet 51 Chuck from 2009
A water sprite from the Spiderwick Chronicles animated movie line that McDonald's put in their Happy Meals in 2008 was also in the bag. A light in the blue section lights up by pressing a button on the back. I have yet to watch the movie but it is on my to watch list.
McDonald's Spiderwick Chronicles Water Sprite from 2008
Laugh if you want but the bag also contained a Funky Fashion Fever Jade from the Bratz line that McDonald's put out in 2003. I chopped off the top of her head when I took the picture but she is wearing a red bandanna. I was going to give her to my sister but she does not want her since she is a die-hard Barbie fan. I might just keep her and put her next to Chuck so he can make faces at her.
McDonald's Bratz Funky Fashion Fever Jade from 2003

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