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Saturday, May 22, 2010

GaF Double Vue Presents Batman In The Evil Penguin

The Batman cartoon that GaF picked to be included in one of their GaF Double Vue cartridges was The Evil Penguin, which was the butchered version of In Again Out Again Penguin from Filmation The Batman/Superman Hour 1968 cartoon series. Three police officers barge into a room before the Dynamic Dou leap over them.
Batman and Robin are then chased by the law enforcers. I wonder if this trio was Gotham's version of the Keystone Cops
The pair then jump into the Batmobile, which I think was just as cool as the live-action version.
Penguin finally appears only to make a speech while Batman stands with his hands on his hips looking manly.
The Caped Crusader twirls his bat-rope and seems to fall off the roof.
Commissioner Gordon poses for the camera only to have Batman steal the device. He must did not want his buddy to have his picture taken without him.
He then leaps in the Batmobile while Robin flings his rope.
The Boy Wonder snags the Penguin, who does not appear to be all that evil in this cartoon. I hope that he can hold him until Batman or the police arrives.
Here is the In Again, Out Again Penguin cartoon that USA Channel ran as part of their The Superman/Batman Adventures series in 1995:

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