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Saturday, May 15, 2010

GaF Double Vue Presents Superman In Wisp Of Wickedness

I had a GaF Double Vue Movie Player when I was a teen that played silent cartoons in a loop. I would go through AA batteries watching Superman in Wisp of Wickedness and Wicked Warlock, Batman in The Evil Penguin, Road Runner in Wild About Harry, Mighty Mouse in Beauty on the Beach, Heckle & Jeckle in Wild Life, Captain America in Fights the Sleeper and the Hulk in Rampage. The cartoons were not very long, perhaps a minute or two, and they were very heavily edited versions of longer cartoons. The motor gave out so I ended up having to throw away the GaF Double Vue Movie Player that looked like this:
I kept the cartridges until I got a film projector several years later at a yard sale. I took the cartridges apart (yes, I hear you gasping at the thought of destroying them) and spliced the cartoons together so I could enjoy them on the wall. The only super 8 mm film that I ever had was Jason and the Argonauts #1: Battle with Talos that I also found at a yard sale. I may no longer have the GaF Double Vue Player, the cartridges or the packaging but I do have the film. I am presenting eight strips from Wisp of Wickedness starring Superman:
Here is the complete Wisp of Wickedness cartoon:

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