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Friday, September 25, 2015

Superhero Slots

Yahoo Games has Superhero Sluts but you have to sign in to play. The loading screen shows a wide range of Marvel characters including Thor, the Hulk, War Machine, the Destroyer, Ghost Rider and Iron Man:
Superhero Slots loading page featuring Thor, Hulk War Machine, Destroyer, Ghost Rider and Iron Man
You can choose Iron Man, Susan Storm aka the Invisible Woman or the Hulk as your avatar:
Choose Iron Man, Susan Storm or the Hulk as avatar in Superhero Slots
The first game that you can play at Superhero Slots is Iron Man 2:
First game at Superhero Slots is Iron Man 2
Here is a screenshot of a winning Iron Man 2 game with Black Widow as wild card:
Iron Man 2 winning screeenshot at Superhero Slots with Black Widow as wild card
A flying Iron Man pops up on the screen:
Flying Iron Man pops up on Superhero Slots
The next Superhero Slots game is Daredevil but you have to hit level three to open it:
Dardevil game at Superheroes Slot open at third level
Of course, you will likely be out of money by this time so it's hard getting to other levels. Other games include King Kong at level five (no clue why is a superhero), the Incredible Hulk at level seven, the Mummy (another monster movie that has nothing to do with superheroes) at level nine, Elektra at level eleven, the X-Men at level thirteen, Fantastic Four at level fifteen, Punisher at level seventeen, Blade at level twenty, Thor at level twenty-three, Marilyn Monroe (lol) at level twenty-six, Ghost Rider at level twenty-nine, the Avengers at level thirty-two, New York Gangs (now they are not even trying) at level thirty-five, Rocky (yeah, the boxer movie) at level thirty-eight, Vampire Slayers (yep, another horror game) at level forty-one and Viking Conquest (WTH?) at level forty-four.

There is no Captain America game at Superhero Sluts, which is surprising. Be sure you have a lot of friends before you play so they can send you coins. Otherwise, you'll never be able to play again after you use all your starting coins.

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