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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sexy Sunday: DC Comics Bombshells #10

The cover of DC Comics Bombshells #10 features Harley Quinn waving while riding a bomb:
Cover of DC Comics Bombshells #10 featuring Harley Quinn
The first page features Stargirl in a classic pinup style:
Page 1 of DC Comics Bombshells #10 featuring Stargirl
The second page is a propaganda poster introducing the Supergirl and the Stargirl Defenders of the Motherland:
Page 2 of DC Comics Bombshells #10 featuring Supergirl and Stargirl
The third page features Kara Starikov, Woman of Steel, actually bending a steel beam along with Kortni Duginovna, of the Cosmic Staff, flying on her cosmic staff designed by her father:
Page 2 of DC Comics Bombshells #10 featuring Supergirl and Stargirl
There are more propaganda poster-like pages inside DC Comics Bombshells #10. Supergirl and Stargirl refuse to kill Nazi pilots as they fight them in the air. They are then sent to destroy what they believe is a Nazi war camp but is actually a Soviet prison. They turn on the Night Witches and collect their bombs as they fall. After they dispose of the bombs, they land in the Soviet prison and find out that the people are there for disobedience, sedition and political unrest. The ending is pretty heavy as the two super women realize what is going on.

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