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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Incredible Hulk Temporary Tattoos From 2008

I received a Canon PIXMA MG2900 printer, copier and scanner as an early Christmas present earlier today to replace my Lezmark z25 printer and Canon flatbed scanner. To test out the scanner function, I scanned the Incredible Hulk Temporary Tattoos that I purchased a few weeks ago but never got around to scanning. The contents include two sheets with each having six temporary tattoos based on the movie. That's a total of twelve fake tats instead of ten that the package states. Three are actually full poses of the green goliath was the other three are logo related. The original price was $1.49 but I got it on clearance for fifty cents. They are still sealed and I doubt that I will ever open them let alone use them.
Front of Incredible Hulk Temporary Tattoos from 2008
Back of Incredible Hulk Temporary Tattoos from 2008

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