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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Countdown to Halloween 2013 Day 24: Dead or Alive Gets Spooky

Dead or Alive is an online game at Facebook set in the Old West. I have been playing it on and off for a while now (I'm level 126) but only have two friends that are also actively playing it. Today they started their Halloween game and they are playing up the witch theme as you can tell by the cool artwork:
Artwork for Dead or Alive Halloween game 2013
Here is what the introduction screen (as shown below) states:

Be brave and welcome The Necromancer by trying your luck with our Halloween game: every 6 hours you can light up a Jack-o'-lantern which will randomly grant you one of the 6 Magical Crafts collection items. Once you have one of each you can trade them for one Necromancer! If at the end you don't have a complete collection but you have gained at least 10 Magical Crafts of any kind you will be able to trade them all for one Necromancer. Read the complete rule-set on our forum:
Rules for Dead or Alive Halloween game 2013
Here are the three pumpkins in the Dead or Alive Halloween game but you can only choose one (I chose the first one):
Three pumpkins for Dead or Alive Halloween game 2013
I won a broom on my first time playing:
Broom won while playing Dead or Alive Halloween game 2013
I love when online games at Facebook do something special like this for Halloween and other holidays.

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