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Friday, October 11, 2013

Countdown to Halloween 2013 Day 11: Fanta Halloween Instant Win Game

While I was adding a few codes earlier at My Coke Rewards, I earned a free entry to the Fanta Halloween Instant Wind Game. Each entry is normally three Coke points. I snagged some screenshots so I could share them here. The first screen features a kid wearing a vampire cape and fangs hanging upside down from a haunted tree while drinking Fanta:
Fanta Halloween Instant Win Game
The second screen features a girl dressed up as a witch along with a black cat and a party going on at a haunted house:
Win $500 Scary Good Party Cash from Fanta
I also found out that I could trade in Coke points for cool Fanta Halloween collectibles including party plates, glow in the dark can cooler, pizza cutter, inflatable pumpkin cooler and party bowls:
The actual game itself a bit of a disappointment mostly because I didn't win:


Caffeinated Joe said...

That is cool. I have been entering a Halloween contest that is a series of easy games. It is from Dollar Tree and called Monster Manor. Here is the link:

Jamdin said...

Great link, Joe, and thanks for sharing.