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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Comic Review: DeathCurse #1

If you are looking for an old fashioned horror anthology comic, then check out Death Curse #1 (November 2011) from Lost Story Studio (their website is under new construction and will be back online soon). The thirty-two page black and white independent comic book is hosted by Mr. Latch and The Curse. The pair are even visited by Ms. Haven and her zombie bodyguard, Larry, from The Haven of Horror. This issue has the following stories: "Pack 666", part one of the ongoing "Vacculus", "Parting Out" and the startling secret of Mr. Lotharen Latch in "Storybook Origin". The stories were written by Brockton McKinney and Bo Fader. The artists include Bridgit Scheide, Chris Moreno, Jason Strutz, Larkin Ford and Jonas Britt. Death Curse #1 is rated R for gore and nudity.
Cover of DeathCurse #1 from Lost Story Studio
Page one of DeathCurse #1 from Lost Story Studio
Back cover of DeathCurse #1 from Lost Story Studio
While the stories have a great mixture of horror and humor (my favorite being "Pack 666"), the real fun is the interplay between Latch and Curse. I give the first issue a solid A. If you are a fan of the old EC Comics horror anthologies or DC's The House of Mystery, then you will want to check out DeathCurse #1.

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Iva Slasher's Horror News said...

This is awesome!The whole crew that worked on this comic rules!!!