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Thursday, December 09, 2010

TFAW Grab Bag #6: Farscape #1 And #3

Three variant covers were printed for Farscape #1 (November 2009) from Boom. I only received cover A by Joe Corroney in the TFAW grab bag. I really liked the exterior and interior art since the characters actually look like their tv counterparts.
Cover A of Farscape #1 from Boom
I also received cover A and B of Farscape #3 (January 2010). Joe Corroney did the former while Dennis Calero did the latter. Both are extremely cool since I like Chiana just as much as I like Aeryn Sun.
Cover A of Farscape #3 from Boom
Cover B of Farscape #3 from Boom
The complete Farscape tv series in now out on DVD and would make a great Christmas present for science fiction fans:

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