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Thursday, December 30, 2010

TFAW Grab Bag #26: CyberForce/Hunter-Killer #4

Kenneth Rocafort and Christina Strain did cover A for Image's CyberForce/Hunter-Killer #4 (January 2010). Rocafort also did the interior pencils and inks. This is part of a five issue mini-series written by Mark Waid that teams up the two groups. The only CyberForce comic that I had before getting this one as part of the TFAW grab bag was CyberForce Universe Sourcebook #1 (August 1994). I have never heard of Hunter-Killer before reading this issue. I need a sourcebook just to keep track of the characters. I do like the cover featuring Samantha Argent.
Cover A of CyberForce/Hunter-Killer #4 from Image
Yes, the mini-series has been collected in the following trade paperback:

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