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Monday, December 06, 2010

TFAW #3: The Anchor #4 And #5

I have never read an issue of The Anchor until I received the TFAW grab bag. I received not one issue of the series but two (okay, three if you count the variant cover to #4). From what I can gather from reading these two issues is that the white-bearded Clem aka the Anchor is an immortal demon fighter that has lost his memory. He regains fragments each time he eats the heart of a demon. Clem hangs out with a love sick woman named Hofi and McBride, who appears to be is handler.

The artists of The Anchor #4 (January 2010) cover A were Brian Churilla and
Matt Wilson while #4 cover B was done by Phillip "Phil" Hester, Ande J. Parks and Matt Wilson. The team of Churilla and Wilson also did the interior artwork. In this issue Clem battles The Breeder, who turns out to be Asmodeus.
Cover A of The Anchor #4
Cover B of The Anchor #4
Brian Churilla and Matt Wilson were also the artists on The Anchor #5 (February 2010) cover A. This issue starts with Clem battling a baby demon that was using a volcano as a womb. His flesh is burned off during the battle but quickly starts to regenerate. Satan seems to be behind all of the Anchor's misery and actually wants him to remember everything.
Cover A of The Anchor #5
Pretty weird but I like weird so I liked the two issues that I received and would like to read more

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