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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Thrift Store Find: Mystery Batman Figure

I went to the local thrift stores yesterday afternoon and found two bags of goodies for a dollar at one of them. One bag had a mystery Batman figure that had clear legs, chest, arms and lower face. His boots, shorts, chest bat symbol, gloves and crowl are all black while the utility belt is yellow. The body, arms and legs appear to have grooves in the back with strips of gray paint. He stands at 4 1/4" tall and the only markings are "TM & @ DC" on the bottom of the cape. The bottom has two holes that are obviously used to attach a base with pegs to it since the mystery Batman figure does not stand on his own. I spent most of last night trying to find out what he is called or what item he was originally attached to but my search turned up blank. If anyone has a clue to what this mystery Batman figure is, then please leave a comment or contact me via email.
Front view of mystery Batman figure
Right view of mystery Batman figure
Left view of mystery Batman figure


Bubbashelby said...

He was a part of a series of Justice League Animated figures that came in Subway's kids meals. I think around 2002?

Ahh yes, my memory does still serve me well:

Jamdin said...

Thanks, Bubbashelby, for the comment and knowing what the mystery Batman figure was. I had never seen the Justice League set from Subway before.