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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Marvel Heroes Heads

Only two local stores still have vending machines filled with candy and toys. One of them has Marvel Heroes Heads for seventy-five cents each and there are six in a set. There are two different sets: ones with bodies and ones without. I first got the Hulk and thought he was an antennae ball until I noticed that the plastic wrapper was made to come off. The head pops apart so you can imagine my surprise when the Captain America and Iron Man Marvel Heroes Heads that I got on my second trip rattled. I then decided that I should actually read the display sign that tells exactly what the vending machine is selling. My third visit found me getting Thor with a body and Wolverine without a body. I am only missing Spider-Man but I am currently out of quarters.

Captain America, Hulk and Thor Marvel Heroes Heads
Iron Man and Wolverine Marvel Heroes Heads

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