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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sexy Saturday: DC Comics Bombshells #5

This should have been the cover to DC Comics Bombshells #5 instead of the Wonder Woman and Mera cover that was also on #4:
Page 2 of DC Comics Bombshells #5
After being called a traitor by the leader of the Soviet's Night Witches, Kara Starikov puts up a fight. Not only does she fly but she also seems to be bulletproof. Unfortunately, she is forced to surrender when her sister, Kortni Duginovna, is held captive. They are brought before a group of generals that will decide what to do with her. Kara tells them that she came from the stars while her adopted mother was pregnant with Kortni. When asked about her abilities, she tells them that she has strength, speed, invulnerable skin and recently flight. Kara is asked to demonstrate her powers and she does by using her heat vision on the chandelier, which causes the room to go dark. When the room is bathed in light again, she is shown next to a mural featuring her and Kortni wearing costumes. They are then given the names Supergirl and Stargirl.
Page 2 of DC Comics Bombshells #5

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