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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Happy 9th Blogiversary To Moongem Comics

Yep, another year has passed already and it has been nine years since I started Moongem Comics. Here's a special comic cover I created with a little help from this comic book cover creator to celebrate the occasion:
Cover of Moongem Comics #1
My counter currently reads 457,299 visitors had seen this blog. I would like to think them all for visiting and hope they found something of interest here.

Here's the top ten current keywords used to find Moongem Comics:
  1. maria kanellis wearing gold
  2. Hallmark Disney character plastic cups
  3. cosplay amethyst whip
  4. Elvira happy birthday
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  7. cat.woman.big
  8. cosplay big ass
  9. elvira cartoon pics
10. Elvira Up All Night

Here's to another nine years.

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